Create Stunning Birthday Cards

Create four handmade birthday cards and learn paper crafting techniques you’ll use for a lifetime! Join author and paper craft expert Kimber McGray as she shares the tools, tips and designs you need to make birthday cards that are one-of-a-kind! Design distinctive cards with interactive features, including the gift pocket, penny slider, shaker box and pop-up surprise cards. Learn to troubleshoot project issues, such as correcting a slit you’ve made too large, and pick up alternative designs that you can apply to any card you wish! Plus, have fun with embellishments as you add die cuts, stickers, cute wooden buttons and even sequins!

Class Preview

Gift Card Pocket Card

Meet your instructor, paper artist Kimber McGray, and learn more about the cards you’ll create in your free mini-class. Then dive right into making a birthday card that will hold a standard gift card so it doesn’t fall out. Kimber shows how to embellish your card with birthday elements, but you can create any kind of special-occasion or thank you card with the same techniques.

Penny Slider Card

Add movement to a greeting card by including a penny slider. Kimber demonstrates how to plan and cut the channel, assemble the slider and attach it to the card. Then see a variety of elements you can use to embellish your card: floating balloons, a circling sun or a spinning pinwheel. Use your imagination to create your own!

Master the paring knife as you learn to easily core a jalapeño, tomato or cauliflower and zest an orange then learn how to cut down butternut squash and pineapple as you tackle a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Shaker Box Card

Put some pizzazz into your card by incorporating a shaker box filled with sequins, confetti, glitter and more. Use a hole punch or die cut to create an opening in your card, then cover the opening with plastic or vellum to turn it into a window. You’ll then create a well to fill with the playful shapes of your choice. Kimber shows you how!

Pop-Up Surprise Box Card

Make your cards pop! Kimber demonstrates how to incorporate pop-up shapes inside your card to surprise and delight the recipient. Practice by making three pop-up gift boxes in one card, then embellish them with ribbon and even a floating balloon. With this pop-up technique and the others you’ve learned, your cardmaking possibilities are endless!

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Create Stunning Birthday Cards – Supplies

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