19 Designs for Crayon Coloring Embroidery

No need to be a full-fledged artist. If you can trace, color and thread a needle you can create beautiful pieces of pastel art with these hand embroidery patterns. Just trace the design, color it in, seal it with a hot iron and backstitch around the edges. The result is unlike any hand stitching you have ever seen!

Here are some designs perfect for crayon coloring embroidery!

Bluprint member Julie Bull's pattern My Funny Valentine

Photos via Bluprint member Julie Bull

Bluprint member Julie Bull’s pattern My Funny Valentine is perfect for crayon coloring. Great for beginners, the pattern has plenty of open areas for shading.

Get the My Funny Valentine design here.
Butterfly Garden quilt via Black Cat Creations

Photos via Black Cat Creations

Judy Reynolds and Amy Cotham of Black Cat Creations have designed nearly a dozen crayon quilt patterns. They would be fun as a block-of-the-month club series.

Get the Butterfly Garden pattern.
Plaid Cats in My Garden pattern by Black Cat Creations

Photos via Black Cat Creations

Not only do you get the designs to color, but you also receive instructions on how to create beautiful 12-block quilts.

Get the Plaid Cats in My Garden pattern.

Teapot Bouquet pattern from Crabapple Hill Studio

Photos via Crabapple Hill Studio

Many of the delicate, nature-themed designs created by Crabapple Hill Studio are colored with crayons. Their technique involves a generous base coat of white crayon. Additional colors are layered to tint the area before heat setting.

Get the Teapot Bouquet pattern.

Get the Breath of Spring pattern.

Sunflower Stitchery pattern and Hedgerow Wreath patterns from Crabapple Hill Studio

Photos via Crabapple Hill Studio

The result is a pastel quality that fully complements the stitching.

Get the Sunflower Stitchery pattern.

Get the Hedgerow Wreath pattern.

Traditional Hand Embroidery Designs

With enough open area, any hand embroidery design can be embellished with the crayon technique. The process is the same: draw the lines on the fabric, color inside the lines and stitch around the lines.

Flower Garden Carts pattern by Country Garden Stitchery

Photos via Bluprint member Country Garden Stitchery

Get the Flower Garden Carts pattern.
Friendship Block patterns by  Designs by Fee

Photos via Bluprint member Designs by Fee

Get The Friendship Quilt – Block 2 pattern.
Get The Friendship Quilt – Block 4 pattern.
Little Bird and Home Sampler patterns from Bluprint members Threads on my Socks and Annie Beez Folk Art

Photos via Bluprint members threads on my socks and Annie Beez Folk Art

Get the Little Bird pattern.

Get the Home Sampler pattern.

Patterns from Bluprint member Val Laird Designs

Photos via Bluprint member Val Laird Designs

Get the Penny Farthing Cushion pattern.

Get the Walk in the Park Satchel pattern.

(Black Cat Designs recommends not using tone-on-tone fabrics for crayon coloring as the crayon adheres best to solid color muslin or cotton fabrics.)

Other patterns for crayon coloring

Much like a coloring book, redwork and single-color designs almost beg to be colored. Sections of stitching can be made any color you like. Match the crayon or use one color for all stitching. The choice is up to you!

Patterns via Bluprint member StitchX Hand Embroidery

Images via Bluprint member StitchX Hand Embroidery

Get the Simple Flower Hand Embroidery design.
Get the Redwork Teacup 6 design.
Parisian Butterflies and Delicate Autumn Leaves patterns from Urban Threads

Images via Urban Threads

Get the Parisian Butterflies design.
Get the Delicate Autumn Leaves design.
Three Tokens pattern from Annie Beez Folk Art

Photo via Bluprint member Annie Beez Folk Art

Even though this pattern was created for wool appliqué, it could be adapted for use with crayon-colored embroidery. The artwork is gorgeous and open enough to color with lines that will trace easily and stitch well.

Get the Three Tokens pattern.

If coloring machine embroidery sounds more tempting to you, don’t miss our roundup of designs here!

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