Crafty Sentiments: Try the Embedded Stacked Technique

Crafty sentiments are a creative way to add interest to your handmade greeting cards. We love this embedded stacked technique, that always prompts the question “How did they do that?” Read on to discover how to achieve the look when you make your own greeting cards.

"Smile Friend" Stamped Card

For this crafty sentiments technique, it is best to use solid image stamps. The style of alphabet dies should be somewhat “chunky” as opposed to thin, as the wider die-cuts will show better within the design.

Supplies for Card Making

Supplies you’ll need:

  • Solid stamps (I used flowers from Embellished Eggs by My Favorite Things)
  • Alphabet dies (I used By the Letters Lowercase by My Favorite Things)
  • Inks (I used Ripe Raspberry, Limelight, Daffodil, Gumdrop Green and Summer Splash by My Favorite Things)
  • White card stock for stamping, color card stock for base card
  • Stamp press or acrylic blocks
  • Thin scrap paper (I used copy paper)
  • Glue
  • Post-it or other low tack adhesive tape
  • QuickStick (Not required, but very helpful for picking up and positioning small card stock pieces)
  • Die-cutting machine

How to create an embedded stacked sentiment


Align Letters

Step 1:

Cut a piece of low-tack tape about 1/2″ to 1″ longer than chosen sentiment. The extra length on each end of the dies will help hold the strip on the card stock when die-cutting in the next steps. Align letters using the bottom edge of the tape as a guide.

Supplies for Stamping Flowers

Step 2:

Stamp your design onto white card stock. If you plan to include a small stamped sentiment near your embedded greeting, stamp that now as it can be difficult to add once the stacked letters are adhered.

Stamping Flowers

Step 3:

Adhere taped dies to stamped panel just above stamped sentiment, ensuring that tape and dies are level.

Making a "Smile" Card

Step 4:

Die-cut letters from stamped design. Should any cut pieces fall from the dies, be certain to keep them all together. All pieces will be used, including the small negative space within the letter “e.”

Step-5 Remove letters from dies

Step 5:

To remove letters from dies, partially remove first die from tape, poke through back holes with a pin or needle until die-cut letter falls out, then re-adhere die to the tape. Repeat for each letter.

Step-6 Die-cut four or five more sets of letters from white card stock

Step 6:

With dies remaining on tape, die-cut four or five additional sets of letters from white card stock. For best results, use the same type of card stock used for the stamped panel. The card stock I used is fairly thin so I cut five sets. With thicker paper, you can use less.

Step-7 Glue layers of each letter -s, m, i and l, together

Step 7:

Glue layers of s, m, i and l together, creating a “stack” of each letter. Since the letter e has an open space, that letter will be handled a little differently. Once the s, m, i and l letters are stacked, cut a piece of scrap or copy paper smaller than the stamped panel. Liberally apply adhesive to one side.

Step-8 Adhere scrap paper to back of stamped panel

Step 8:

Adhere scrap paper to the back side of the stamped panel. Ensure that small areas such as the inside curves of the s and thin area of the e are adhered to the scrap paper.

Step-9 Adhere stacked s,m, i and l. Adhere one white e and stamped negative space

Step 9:

Glue stacked s, m, i and l into their corresponding spaces. Adhere one white e into its open space. Adhere small stamped negative piece into the e opening.

Step-10 Adhere remaining e's

Step 10:

Adhere remaining e’s over base e. You will not use the negative spaces leftover from the white die-cut e’s.

Step-11 Stamped letters adhered over white

Step 11:

Carefully glue the stamped letters over the white, aligning all stamped lines and edges. Use the opposite (pointed) end of the QuickStik to help position letters. If you don’t have a QuickStik, a large needle works well also.

Close-up of stacked letters

Step 12:

Finish card as desired.

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One Response to “Crafty Sentiments: Try the Embedded Stacked Technique”
  1. Tracy Creedy
    Tracy Creedy

    I love this idea. I’ve seen a lot of thickened lettering done in this way lately but not used like this, very clever. It will look so much better than using double sided foam pads. Thank you for writing all this out and explaining it so well. I used to design projects and write them out it’s not as easy as people think. Especially if you’re dyslexic like me, lol.