Sew Scarves for Brave Women During Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month, and Bluprint Cares is partnering with the Be the Difference Foundation and their “Love My Scarf” project in support of those battling this disease. Their mission is to help women increase their chance of survival of ovarian cancer by raising money to fund programs for better treatment options, effective early screening, symptomatic and genetic predisposition awareness and a cure.

Pink Headscarf on Mannequin Head

[one_half_last]The “Love My Scarf” project supports the bravery of these women, and provides them with beautiful head-coverings to wear during their battle with cancer. Help the “Love My Scarf” project reach their goal of collecting 10,000 scarves this month by creating a scarf to be provided to women in cancer centers. Your scarf donation can be knitted, embroidered, embellished, crocheted or any other medium you prefer![/one_half_last]

Click here to download the “Love my Scarf” Momma‚Äôs Embroidered Do-Rag pattern. Donations will be collected at the address below:

Be the Difference Foundation
2517 Manana Rd.
Dallas, TX 75220

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