These Crafting Hacks Will Make You Believe in Magic


Every once in awhile, we stumble across a trick that makes us stop everything and shout, “Why didn’t I find out about this years ago?!” Well, we’ve rounded up some of the very best hacks to add a little magic to every project — with or without a crafty fairy godmother.

magic 8 method for half square triangles
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How to Make 8 Half-Square Triangles at Once: The Magic 8 Method

Find out how to make eight HSTs with super-simple math and just four cuts!

tips for sketching portraits
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Learn to Sketch Better Portraits With Just 3 Simple Tips

Sketching portraits doesn’t have to be frustrating –– especially with these three key tricks to make it easier!

how to shorten jeans with the original hem
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Pro Alterations: How to Shorten Jeans With the Original Hem

Wish you could shorten your jeans and keep the original hem? Voilá — with this tutorial, it’s easy!

knitting without looking
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Don’t Look Down! Tips for Knitting Without Looking at the Stitches

No more missing conversations or your favorite shows because you’re busy knitting –– learn how to work up wonders without looking at your stitches!

crochet magic circle
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Demystifying the Magic Ring in Crochet

Can’t get your granny squares to close up in the middle? This neat “magic circle” trick makes it a cinch!

cake decorating tricks
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5 Handy Cake Decorating Hacks That’ll Make Your Life Easier

One cake decorating hack is good, but five is just so sweet! Check out these tips and get ready to say “Eureka!”

diy brown sugar
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22 Cheats for DIY Baking Ingredients

From DIY Dulce de Leche to creamy butter, these simple recipes for essential ingredients will definitely come in handy in the kitchen.

mixing paint skin tones
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An Easy Method for Mixing Acrylic Paint for Skin Tones

Skin tones are notoriously tricky to paint, but this step-by-step primer will have you creating lifelike looks in no time.

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