Free Video Tip: Correct Your Fondant Painting Mistakes

Maggie Austin, instructor of the online Bluprint cake decorating class, Fondant Frills, doesn’t really believe in mistakes. Rather, she thinks in most cases, they might just be happy accidents that give your cakes more character. But she doesn’t deny that sometimes, things really can go wrong when you’re painting your fondant. Fortunately, when that happens she has an easy way to make things right! Here she shares her fast, simple trick for fixing cake decorating mistakes.

Video transcript:

Hi, I’m Maggie Austin, I’m the instructor of Fondant Frills on We’re going to learn about how to erase your mistakes. I just want to say off the bat, I don’t really like the word “mistakes.” I feel like you can sort of work with what you have. But if it’s really killing you, and you need to erase something and start over, here’s a good tip for you to try. So, in this bottle, I have some vodka. Vodka is used for two purposes. One is to transform my dry colors into liquid. So by adding a few drops into my dry powders, I can make that into a paintable consistency. The other use for vodka is just that: if you have something you really didn’t want to land on your fondant, you can put a little bit on a paper towel and just wipe that right off, and start back again.

So, I have here, as an example, just a little sugar cookie that I quickly painted with a couple of flowers. Vodka only works on correcting mistakes on fondant. Make sure your fondant is pretty well dried before you use it, or else you might have a tear. You still don’t want to add too much moisture, even though the vodka dries really quickly. Again, wait until it’s dry before you start to correct your mistakes.

So, hypothetically, let’s just say that this purple flower was not what I wanted, and I wanted to have a matching pink flower here. So we’re going to take a regular paper towel, just a little bit of vodka on the corner, and I’m just simply wiping right over my color. Moving to a dry spot, and we’ll hit it one more time. Just one more wipe here. We’re going to go ahead and leave my nice clean border there, and fill in with just a little bit of that matching pink color. So as you can see, that came off really quickly and really easily. So, I encourage you to try that if you are feeling like you just can’t bear that purple flower.

Okay, so I’m going right over that purple rim, just so that my color is a little bit more intensified on the bottom of our flower petal here. And we’ll do a little color match on this guy. Okay, and there we have it. We’re back to our matching pink flower.

I encourage you to check out my class, Fondant Frills, where we go into greater detail on all things color, and some different painting techniques.

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