5+ Cool Coloring Techniques to Help You Spice Up Your Coloring

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Coloring books for adults have become a major trend over the past year. It’s no surprise! Coloring is a great way to help relieve stress naturally, while doing something enjoyable and creative. Here, we have included some simple colored pencil techniques to help you spice up the way you color.

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5+ coloring ideas to spice up your coloring book pages

1. Use pencil shavings

pencil shavings

Collect the shavings from your favorite colored pencil after you sharpen it. Put them on top of the area you would like to color in. Then, gently, press your finger on top of the shavings, and move your finger in a circular direction. This will create a soft, airbrushed effect with your colored pencil. You can experiment with this technique by mixing together a few different pencil colors.

2. Stained glass effect

stained glass

Make the outside edges of each shape darker than the center. This will give your coloring book page a stained-glass effect. You could try outlining the shape with one color, and then shading in the center lightly with another color, as well.

3. Multiple colors, one pencil

multi colored pencils

Try some multi-colored pencils! Koh-I-Noor Tri-Tone pencils allow you to capture three hues at once with a single stroke of your pencil. This will add instantaneous depth and interest into each area of the image you color. These pencils are also very entertaining to write or do line art with.

4. Drag the ink

drag ink drag ink 2

The ink on certain pens, such as gel pens, often takes a moment to dry after you put it on the page. Take advantage of this by outlining a shape you would like to color in, then wiping your finger from the outside of the shape inward so that the ink drags into the image. This creates a unique technique that will keep your friends guessing!

5. Create texture

leaf texture

Instead of filling in the space you would like to color with basic, consistent shading, consider putting something textured, such as a leaf, underneath space you plan to color. Then, softly color over the area you would like to fill in using a colored pencil. The pencil will pick up the texture of the object under the paper, giving your coloring book page a whole new dimensionality! Other objects that would work great are coins and textured paper.

6. Give it a gradient


Have you heard of a blender pencil? Blender pencils are used to do exactly that — blend the color you have already applied to your paper. You can use the blender over one color to make the color appear more solid and to fill in the gaps. Or, you can use it to help create a smooth gradient between different colors after you have applied them to your paper. Give it a go — it’s quite satisfying!

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adult coloring book

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