It’s Hip to Be Flat: Chicken Flatbread Sandwiches

Chicken flatbread sandwiches
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A chicken flatbread sandwich is an easygoing sort of food.

A little fancier than a wrap, but less filling than a burrito, chicken flatbread sandwiches represent the perfect culinary middle ground. Alone, they’re suitable for a light lunch or snack; paired with homemade soup or a fresh salad, it’s a satisfying meal.

Flatbread is a perfect canvas for chicken sandwiches: Sturdy and absorbent enough to make any type of sandwich fixings suitable for out of hand eating, and with mild flavor works well with many others.

Here, we’ll explore the art of the chicken flatbread, from the type of bread to delicious sandwich recipe ideas.

What is a flatbread?

A flatbread is made with the usual bread suspects: flour, water, salt, and sometimes (but not always ) yeast. It is rolled into a flattened dough, which can be baked or pan-fried.

What kind of flatbread is right for a chicken sandwich?


There aren’t necessarily right or wrong flatbreads for chicken sandwiches, but some types make for easier eating than others. For instance, when chicken is put in a tortilla, it begins to take on a distinctly taco-esque turn, and a flatbread such as focaccia is dimensional enough that it veers into classic sandwich territory. For a classic, deli style chicken flatbread sandwich, stick with lightly puffy, flat rounds of bread such as naan or pita bread. They’re a bit sturdier than tortillas, but more flexible than focaccia.

Rules of chicken flatbread sandwiches

These simple rules will help you attain flatbread sandwich success.

Warm the bread, but don’t toast, before adding toppings

Cracked at the seam

Warming the bread will make it more flexible, so that it can be folded over toppings, but toasting it will result in cracking when you fold. Likewise, if your bread is at room temperature it may be too firm to easily fold. If you’d like the exterior crispy, toast it after filling.

Don’t overfill your sandwich

Chicken salad flatbread

We know you’re hungry, but you don’t want your sandwich to spill. To make sure that your sandwich is evenly but not excessively filled, spread condiments such as mayonnaise or mustard on the entire surface, but only place toppings on one half, so it can be folded over.

Choice cuts

For ease of eating out of hand, avoid skin and bones in your chicken. Sure, they might add flavor, but they make it difficult to eat without a knife and fork. Chicken breast, pulled chicken from various cuts, or braised chicken are all good choices.

Wrap before you toast

If you want your sandwich heated, wrap it in foil and place in the oven or toaster oven. This will ensure that your sandwich gets toasty without spilling or flopping open.

Folding not required

While a deli-style chicken flatbread sandwich will usually be folded over, it’s not an absolute necessity. An open-faced flatbread sandwich is highly enjoyable–but you might need a knife and fork.

How to make a chicken flatbread sandwich

Fold your sandwich

Step 1:

If toasting, preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

Step 2:

Assemble your sandwich. Smear any condiments on the entire surface of the flatbread, and place fillings on half of the flatbread.

Step 3:

Fold over the flatbread. If not toasting, you’re ready to eat. If you are toasting, wrap the entire unit in aluminum foil.

Step 4:

Place in the preheated oven for 8-10 minutes, or until toasted to your liking. Enjoy warm.

Recipe ideas: chicken flatbread sandwiches

Flatbread leftovers

BBQ chicken flatbread sandwich

Spread barbecue sauce on the entire surface of your flatbread, and layer pulled chicken, gouda, and spinach on half of the bread. Fold over, wrap in foil, and bake per the instructions above.

Southwestern chicken flatbread sandwich

Spread black bean puree on the entire surface of your flatbread, and layer chicken, corn, cheese, and cilantro on half of the bread. Fold over, wrap in foil, and bake per the instructions above.

Dinner leftover flatbread

If you’ve had a dinner that you want to convert into a sandwich (for instance, chicken, gravy, vegetables and potatoes), cut the leftovers into cubes and lightly sauté together. Place on half of the surface of your flatbread, and fold over. You can toast or not based on your preference.

CBLT chicken flatbread sandwich

Spread mayonnaise on the entire surface of your flatbread. Layer with 2 strips of crispy cooked bacon, sliced tomato, and sliced chicken on half of the surface of your flatbread, and fold over. You can toast or not based on your preference.

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