Let Your Skills Bloom: How To Make Cherry Blossom Gum Paste Flowers

Spring is made all the more magical once these infamous delicate blossoms appear as if over night. Cherry blossoms are wonderfully pretty flowers to see lining busy streets and flourishing in gardens, but they are also one of our favorite blooms to recreate in sugar form!

They are simple and unassuming enough to be perfect filler flowers perched next to ruffled gum paste flowers, but they’re eye-catching enough to adorn multiple tiered wedding cakes on their own too. Read on for our tutorial on how to create unwired sugar cherry blossoms for your next design!

Tutorial for sugar cherry blossoms by Juniper Cakery

All photos via Juniper Cakery

Follow along to make cherry blossom gum paste flowers that are perfectly sweet for any cake!

Materials needed:

  • Soft pink gum paste
  • 5-petal blossom cutter
  • Ball tool
  • Cornstarch to dust surface
  • Tapered star tool
  • Pink petal dust (darker than your gum paste)
  • Edible glue
  • Small floral stamens
  • Flower foam pad
  • Fondant rolling pin
Make sugar cherry blossoms for cakes and cupcakes with this tutorial from Juniper Cakery

Step 1:

Begin with a smooth round ball of pink gum paste. Keep rolling it between your palms to get rid of any cracks or creases.

Create pink edible cherry blossoms with this tutorial by Juniper Cakery

Step 2:

Create a witch hat-like shape from your ball of gum paste. The peak should be slim enough to fit through your blossom cutter, but substantial enough for you to hold and work with.

To form this shape we press the gum paste ball down lightly on a flat surface and mold the top into a tip.

Gum paste cherry blossom flower tutorial by Juniper Cakery

Step 3:

Take your blossom cutter and feed the tip through before pressing down and cutting out your 5 petal shape. You can flip the cutter over with the gum paste shape still inside to quickly smooth and tidy up the edges of the petals.

Pretty sugar cherry blossom tutorial by Juniper Cakery

Step 4:

Take a ball tool and thin the edges of the petals. To get a slight veined effect we ruffle out the petals slightly going with the length of the petal instead of running the ball tool along the edge.

Don’t worry if the petals on your blossom(s) look a little jagged as lots of real cherry blossoms have slightly rougher edges too!

Tutorial for pink cherry blossom flowers - perfect for cakes

Step 5:

To create a more stylized look taper in and pinch each petal with your thumb and forefinger.

You can also gently push each petal a different way or in another direction for a more realistic look.

process of making a gum paste cherry blossom

Step 6:

Take your tapered star tool and press into the center of your blossom. Try to match each point to where each petal ends.

Make unwired sugar cherry blossoms for cakes

Step 7:

Take some floral stamens and fold them in half. For a wilder look try using around 5 stamens which will create a fuller look.

Paint a small amount of edible glue onto the bottom half of your folded stamens and gently push into the center of your blossom.

To create wired cherry blossoms fold your stamens and using floral tape attach them to floral wire. Once secure push the wire through the center of your blossom.

Make delicate cherry blossom flowers that are edible

Step 8:

Finally, add some extra color and dimension to your sugar cherry blossoms with a little petal dust! Steam quickly to hold in the dusting.

How to make gum paste cherry blossoms

Psst…Bonus tip!

these sugar cherry blossoms can also be created in slightly different color palettes to help make pretty blooms such as damson blossoms or bright apple blossoms too. Play and experiment with textures, stamens and colors to create a variety of fabulous fantasy blossoms — perfect for cakes that need an extra statement!

pretty gum paste cherry blossom

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