Card Trick Ensures Coverage!

Carol Doak is the instructor of the new online quilting class at Craftsy, Mastering Foundation Paper Piecing. In this free video lesson, Carol shows you something that, while not really magic, it might as well be. After all, it’s a simple, effective way of eliminating a very common frustration, and not wasting fabric. Plus, it’s called the “card trick!” Quilters will love this lesson. And you’ll love her class, too. So check them both out!

Hi I’m Carol Doak and I’m an instructor with Craftsy and I’m going to share a little trick with you called the card trick. I’ve taken the first foundation and I’ve pinned the number 1 piece in place and a lot of times people are taught to just take the next piece of fabric and put it down, kind of guestimate where it goes, and then sew the seam, and then when they turn it over they find out they’ve wasted all that fabric in the seam allowance and they don’t actually have enough fabric to cover the area they need to cover, which can be really frustrating.

So this trick allows you to pre-trim so you’ll know exactly where to place the fabric. So I’m going to use a postcard with this add-a-quarter ruler attached. It has this quarter-inch lip. I’m right-handed so I’ve attached it to the right side of the postcard, so it hooks on. If you’re a left-handed quilter attach it to the left side of the postcard. And the first thing I’m going to do is take the postcard and put it on the seam line between 1 and 2. And then I’m going to fold the paper over the edge. The postcard is really just a tool for folding over the edge. I’m going to fold it over the edge and that exposes that excess fabric. And now I’ll take the add-a-quarter ruler and bring it down and hook it on. And that’s giving me the perfect quarter inch seam allowance that’s parallel to the seam. So now I’m going to trim away that excess fabric and once I trim it away, I open this up. Now I know exactly where to place the next fabric. So I’ll take the number 2 fabric and you can see it lays right along the edge. I can flip it right sides together and pin it in place. And when I stitch it I’m assured that that’s going to cover the area perfectly.

So that little card trick is going to come in handy. You’ll do that with all the pieces. You’ll put the card on the line you’re going to sew, you’ll trim, and then you’ll add your next piece. Again this is the add-a-quarter ruler that I just demonstrated. Come and visit me over at Craftsy and learn a lot more tricks about foundation paper piecing.

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  1. J

    Where is the video that should appear? The first sentence says ” In this free video lesson”….?

    • Sally Brusell
      Sally Brusell

      I’ve just watched it , click on the arrow in the centre of the picture . Hope this helps !