How to Support Your Cakes

Mike McCarey is a cake decorator who has some of the wildest, most imaginative designs. Accordingly, he comes to Bluprint to teach you how to make bobblehead cakes in his new online cake decorating class. But here we’ve got a free video tip from Mike. Watch this to find out how to support your cake so reliably, you could even stand on it (well, maybe not THAT strong, but you get the point)!

Hi, I’m Mike McCarey and I’m an instructor with Bluprint and I’ve got a tip for you. I am building a bobblehead cake in my shop here and I’m working on the head right now, and I’m going to be stacking this cake up at least another 4 layers. So, I have to be concerned about whether this much cake, would crush this much cake, especially considering it’s overhanging, down, you know, without helping that out. The way I’m going to help that out is not unlike how you’d stack a wedding cake.

You’ve got a tier, you’re either putting straws or dowels into it and then you’re putting another tier onto it and on the bottom of that tier, a cardboard plate. I’m kind of doing that, but I’m doing it internally with basically a cardboard plate that’s in a smaller shape of what I’ve got here which is the head. I don’t go all the way out because if I go too far out with the cardboard, when I go to carve the head I’m going to be hitting my plate. So I invert it about a half an inch to an inch from what I think will end up being the outside dimensions. But then it goes conventionally.

What I’m going to do first is I have to get an idea of what my footprint is so I know where to score, or where to put my straws so I’m actually going to take my knife and push that down and I’m going to mark out or score where that plate goes. And that tells me where I can put straws and I’ll still hit the plate underneath. So I’m going to put a straw there, I’m going to do a spread of four. I’m going to put a straw there, I’ve got to be careful that my straws are landing on my wood, and down there like that. Then simply I’m going to give it a nice flush cut with a nice sharp pair of scissors like that and then I just simply put the plate in place. I’ve got a little bit of buttercream on top to help keep it that way and then I’ll continue to ice, I’ll add some icing to that. Add the next layer, and work my way up.

This is strong, strong like a bull. I mean I could probably, maybe, stand on this. Well, maybe not. But there’s a lot of pressure there and that’s going to hold up all the cake above it, and that won’t get any compression down here.

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