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Jeweled Cake Pops Tuxedo Cake Pops
Baby Shower Cake Pops Tuxedo Cake Pops

There’s not much to complain about when it comes to cake: it’s delicious, it’s festive, and it can be decorated to look like almost anything—from other kinds of foods to high-end designer handbags. But if there is one downside, it’s that cake is a tough thing to eat on the go. Fortunately, creative cake lovers have come up with a solution: cake pops! They’re like lollipops but they are made of cake. No plate, no fork, no slicing, no mess, and all fun. We went on a search for cake pops in our own Bluprint community, and we were not surprised to find some very awesome cake pop projects. Pictured above are a few of our favorites!

At the top, feast your eyes on the elegant jeweled cake pops made by Bluprint member Mrsgillespie. Next, if you look clockwise, you’ll spy some very sharply decorated tuxedo cake pops, all dressed up by Bluprint member Oatmeal48. And at the bottom, you’ll see that it doesn’t get any cuter than these baby cake pops (the perfect favors/bites for a baby shower), created by Bluprint user Bite Me Bakery.

If you’re interested in cake pops, join Joshua John Russell’s Modern Piping class and delve into cake environments.

What adorable cake pops have you created (or seen) lately?

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