Make Even Simple Cakes Shine With The Starburst Cake Board Design!

This starburst board is the perfect foil to a plain and simple single tier. But, this fun cake board design can also be a wonderful way to continue the theme of a whimsical cake design from top to bottom.

Let the board be the star with this starburst cake board tutorial!

Single Blue Tier of Cake On A Starburst Cake Board Design -

Step 1.

To make a starburst pattern, begin with a piece of parchment paper the same size or a little larger than the board you wish to cover. Fold it in half and in half again; keep folding it in half until you have created a triangle the size of the starburst piece you require. I folded my paper into 1/16ths.

Folding Parchment Paper into triangles

Step 2.

Unfold the parchment paper, placing it on a piece of cardstock. Use a pin to mark the spot in the card where the folds meet in the center of the paper. Then mark the card with a pencil where the lines of one triangle end on the paper. Join both of these marks to the pin mark to create your starburst triangle piece.

making your starburst triangle piece

Step 3.

This time, place the unfolded paper on the board, and mark the center with the pin. Remove the pin, but make sure you can see the pinhole in the board. Cut the shape out of your cardstock and place on the board with the pointed edge right up to the pinhole. Make sure the template extends off the edge of the board by about 1/2:”. This will allow you to trim the fondant neatly later.

placing tracing piece onto the cake board

Step 4.

The key to a neat finish with this technique is to ensure your fondant colors, however many you choose, are all rolled to the same thickness. You can do this either by using bands on your rolling pin or using spacers like bamboo skewers. Leave your rolled fondant out to dry for about 10 minutes before you start cutting.

Rolling out your fondant to even thickness

Step 5.

Rub a little vegetable shortening on your fondant to help your card template stick in place. Don’t worry, the shortening will absorb into the fondant later. Cut starburst pieces from the fondant. If you are using two colors, cut eight of each. I find it helps to line the template up with the cut from the previous slice.

Tracing and cutting an orange fondant triangle

Step 6.

Use a ruler to help line the template up perfectly with your previous cut.

Using a ruler to help cut orange fondant triangle

Step 7.

When you have cut all 16 pieces, start to place them on your board, lining the points up with the pinhole in the board. I just brush a little water on the board to stick the pieces down.

placing bright fondant triangles on a cake board

Step 8.

As you place more pieces, use your ruler to continually push the pieces together to eliminate any gaps and keep your edges straight.

Using a ruler to align fondant pieces, eliminating gaps

Step 9.

No matter how careful you are, the last piece is unlikely to fit perfectly. I find it’s best to trim tiny slithers off the last three slices so that the final piece isn’t noticeably slimmer than the rest. Once you’ve laid the final piece, use a fondant smoother to carefully smooth all the pieces together towards the middle of the board. Don’t worry if the middle isn’t perfect: The cake will cover it.

Finishing the edges of the cake board

Step 10.

Place a piece of parchment paper on top of the starburst pattern, and then a board on top of that. Flip the whole thing over and slide the board out from underneath. Use a scalpel or sharp knife to trim away the excess fondant. Slide a board back under the parchment paper before you flip the whole thing back over again. This method of flipping the board over helps you get the neatest edge.

Finishing the cake board edges

Step 11.

Trim the board with a ribbon of your choice.

Dr. Suess Cake With a Starburst Cake Board Design

A board like this will make any of your cake designs really pop, from the simplest cakes to most elaborate!

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 What’s your favorite way to add some fun to a simple cake design?

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