Wild and Unique: 6 Beautiful Berry Adorned Wedding Cakes!

Gorgeous floral bouquets are essential when it comes to stunning wedding cake designs. And while the classic sugar flora and fauna are great, the addition of gorgeous gum paste berries is a great alternative to the usual filler flowers, adding a really wild and unique element to an already fantastic wedding cake. We love seeing all manner of fruits and berries paired with both traditional and unusual blossoms from blackberries set amongst sugar ranunculus flowers or elegant fondant roses with hypercium berries nestled underneath petals and leaves.

To help inspire your next creation, here’s our roundup of beautiful berry adorned wedding cakes!

Gorgeous cake with anemone and hypericum berries

Photo via Craftsy member ModernLovers

Anemone and hypercium berry cake

We adore the unusual placement of the floral and berry elements on this pitch black cake. Pairing bright greenish-yellow hypercium berries with deep purple anemones, dark green foliage and black fondant with black pearl detailing gives this creation quite a striking gothic look!

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Bright ranunculus wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

Photo via Juniper Cakery

Gold and purple ranunculus and berry cake

This wedding cake pairs bright and bold ranunculus florals with both fantasy berries and inviting gum paste blackberries! Creating this four-tiered cake adorned with quirky and realistic blackberries sparked our love for adding fondant fruits and berries in with beautiful blossoms. We simply adore the fun yet wild look that adding berries into sugar flower sprays can evoke!

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Beautiful rustic ganache wedding cake with berries and peonies

Photo via Craftsy member SweetandSwanky

Ganache cake with sugar berries and peonies

This gorgeously rustic yet romantic four-tiered wedding cake is beautifully adorned with ruffled sugar peony flowers, hypercium berries and blackberries. We adore the simple elegance of this cake paired with the unique nature inspired sprays.

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Wonderful berries and blooms wedding cake

Photo via Craftsy member Sweet-Sue

Berries and blooms cake

There are some wonderful fondant techniques and texture implemented on this vintage inspired wedding cake. But what really draws us in attention are the the gorgeously sweet berry sprays that adorn the sides. We love the addition of ribbons and tiny blossoms too!

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Moroccan lattice cake with berries

Photo via Craftsy member Mifa

Moroccan lattice cake with berries

There’s such a great yet subtle use of color on this cake: We love the dusky terra cotta of the lattice pattern, mimicked on the tiny sugar blossoms and set off wonderfully with the dark gum paste blackberries. The curving blackberry leaves are especially dramatic and impressive too!

Gold Flower and Fruit Cake

Photo via Craftsy member Flutterby Baker

Gold flower and fruit cake

We love the Grecian look that this cake seems to exude from the crisp white fondant to the gold detail and more unusual gum paste figs, pomegranates and grapes! The addition of the sweetly ruffled tier has a wonderful amount of texture and intrigue too.

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Adding sugar berries and fruits to sugar floral sprays creates a wonderfully unique and rustic feel to any cake. We’ve loved looking at how different cakes and designers feature gum paste berries in their designs and hope that you have too!

How will you be working sugar berries into your next cake design?

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