Beautiful Baby Shower Cakes

Wondering what to expect when you’re expecting? Well, one thing is guaranteed to be delicious: the baby shower cake! But what type of cake to make…and how to decorate? Here is a collection of ideas to give a creative spark: cakes for boys or girls, options for twins or triplets, and gender-neutral options too.

Boy Cakes

baby boy cake
Photo via Shakar Bakery

[one_half_last]Clothesline Cake: Cuter than a button and far more delicious, this cake features an edible clothesline strung with baby boy clothes. Created using fondant, a storybook-style typeface announces “It’s a Boy”, and a pretty border of piped blue pearls finishes the effect.[/one_half_last]

boy giraffe cake
Photo via Pink Cake Box

[one_half_last]Whimsical Giraffe Cake: If you’re going for sweet whimsy, this cake certainly fits the bill! A gorgeously sculpted mama giraffe is tending to a baby boy giraffe floating in a teacup sailboat atop a prettily patterned cake. It’s as stunning as it is sweet.[/one_half_last]

baby cupcakes
Photo via Iheartcuppycakes

[one_half_last]Tiered Treat Tower: Of course, if a layer cake seems too fussy, you could create a tiered centerpiece will a variety of sweets. This adorable display includes baby bootie topper made from hand-tinted fondant, prettily iced cupcakes, and pre-bagged cookie favors. A consistent turquoise color theme brings all of the elements together.[/one_half_last]

Girl Cakes

hello kitty baby cake
Photo via The Cake Mamas

[one_half_last]Hello Kitty Baby Cake: Forget spice: this cake is pure sugar! Perfect for a girly event, this cake has a little sparkle and a whole lot of sweetness. Tiers of cake are covered in rolled fondant and piped with a pink and yellow pearl border, then adorably adorned with fondant decorations of baby toys and accessories, with a Hello Kitty infant at the center. A glittery cake topper really adds a festive touch![/one_half_last]

sophisticated baby cake
Photo via Cakespace

Sophisticated Cake: Can a baby shower cake be elegant? Yes, indeed! This understated three tier cake exudes simple sophistication–the top and bottom layers are cross-hatched for a quilted pattern, and the smooth middle layer is wrapped with a tasteful ribbon and a sweet baby footprint motif. A pretty flower tops it all off for a look that is as fashionable as a brand-name handbag![/one_half_last]

carriage cake
Photo via Ayse

[one_half_last]Piped Carriage Cake: Talk about pretty piping work. One large cake is cut for a carriage shape, then flanked by two smaller cakes for wheels; the outline of both carriage and wheels are formed through delicate piping with multiple decorating tips. The overall result is an immensely impressive work, almost impressionistic in how little pieces come together to form a big picture.[/one_half_last]

Suitable for Either Gender

[one_half_last]Baby Bird Cake: Nesting was never so sweet! This eye-catching cake was created using a round layer stacked atop a square. Atop a canvas of blue buttercream icing, a tree with fondant flowers trails up to a topper with birds tending to a nest. Since this cake features blues and pinks, it could be used for a baby boy or girl–simply tint the “egg” pink or blue, or leave it white or yellow if the gender is not yet known or revealed.[/one_half_last]

[one_half_last]Owl Cake: If the baby’s gender has not yet been revealed, a cake with a palette of sweet pastels is a perfect and tasteful choice. Even cuter? Using those pastel hues to tint fondant, and forming adorable owls to line the sides of the cake! Cutest of all? The white bellies on these owls are hearts![/one_half_last]

Twins, Triplets, or more!

pink cake box
Photo via Pink Cake Box

[one_half_last]Peapod Cake: For an idea that is easily adapted for twins, triplets, or even more (!) babies, try a peapod theme! This cake, made by Bluprint instructor, Anne Heap to celebrate triplets, uses a triple-filled peapod to bring the theme home in a tasteful and sweet way.[/one_half_last]

Gender Reveal Cakes

surprise baby cake
Photo via Crafty member Wanni49

[one_half_last]Another rising trend for baby showers? A gender reveal cake. How exactly does that work? Well, an in-the-know baker will create a cake that is pink for a girl, or blue for a boy. But the cake’s color will be completely covered with icing, so that the color isn’t revealed until the cake is cut. Not only does this add a bit of intrigue to the shower, but you can have a lot of fun with decoration, using both blue and pink to trick the viewers.[/one_half_last]

Oh, baby! What a sweet collection of ideas. No matter what the stork’s bringing, the cake is guaranteed to be delicious.

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