Sun, Sea and Sugar: 6 Inspiring Beach Themed Wedding Cakes

With the official start of summer just a couple weeks away, we’re sure there’ll be lovely beach weddings a-plenty! This makes for the perfect opportunity to create gorgeous, beach-themed wedding cakes! We love the idea of gorgeous tiers covered with sugar pearls, glistening fondant shells and soft wave-like ruffles amidst a fresh color palette.

Here’s our run down of stunning beach-themed wedding cakes!

Beach and waves wedding cake

Photo via occassionallyhomemade

Beach and waves cake

What we really love about this beach-themed wedding cake is the vibrant buttercream waves on the second tier! The selective use of color on this three-tiered creation adds such a fun and exciting feel to the entire cake. The crisp bright seashells would be perfect in white chocolate, we think, especially with a delicious white chocolate ganache!

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Undersea adventure cake by Paul Bradford

Photo via Craftsy instructor Paul Bradford

Undersea adventure cake

This white chocolate wrap cake illustrates a beautiful and tranquil underwater world wonderfully. It’s amazing how the chocolate is utilized to help replicate aspects of sea plants! The addition of bright tropical fish helps add great pops of color throughout the design too.

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Beach wedding cake with blue flowers

Photo via Debi Johnston

Beach wedding cake with floral sprays

The addition of florals to this rustic buttercreamed wedding cake adds a fantastic sense of nature as well as a whole new level of elegance. We adore the blue and green florals that decorate each tier and think the sweet shells nestled into the blossoms and leaves are a fantastic touch indeed!

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Sea shell wedding cake

Photo via Cratsy member C-MAC

Seashell wedding cake

The pretty seashells, starfish and sand on this cake help turn a lovely pearl studded cake from a traditional looking centerpiece into a playful design. We love the soft peach and off-white color palette of this cake, which helps keep the focus on the wonderful shell and sea life details.

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White seashell cake by Vagabond Baker

Photo via Vagabond Baker

White seashell wedding cake

The bright whites of this lovely cake paired with the buttercream piping help make this tiered creation combination of a traditional and modern wedding cake look. We think the sweet edible sea shells add a great amount of texture and fun to this cake without being heavy!

Blue sea cake by Vagabond Baker

Photo via Vagabond Baker

Blue seashell cake

We love how the Vagabond Baker has adapted fondant ruffles to create fondant “waves” encircling all two tiers of this cake! This adds texture, interest and helps bring fluid (no pun intended) color to the design!

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With so many gorgeous beach themed wedding cakes we, of course, found it hard to stop adding to our list! Instead, we hope we’ve left you all with just enough to get you inspired to create your own nautical-style cake!

Will you be adding a carefree beach-theme to any of your cakes this summer?

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