Surf’s Up! Jewelry to Wear to the Beach and Beyond

Beach Jewelry

When I think of the beach, I think about the hemp jewelry and friendship bracelets that I used to knot in preparation for my vacations. Sometimes I could even be found on the beach knotting away under an umbrella.

Some beach-goers like to incorporate natural findings right into their summer jewelry, while others prefer jewelry that can be tied on and forgotten as they play in the waves.

No matter your preference, hit the beach this summer with brand new accessories inspired by sand, waves, shells and everything else that bring us there each year. Not planning a trip to the beach? We think these pieces will still look great on land!

 Six Cord Micro Macrame Bracelet Tutorial

Photo via Craftsy member ZaneyMay

Six Cord Micro Macrame Bracelet

Tie this bracelet around your wrist at the beginning of your trip to the beach and wear it for the duration. The cord can last through sun and swimming, and it’s the perfect accessory to both your swimsuit and your breezy beach clothes.

How to Wire Wrap Beach Glass the Easy Way

Photo via Craftsy member Gayle Bird

How to Wire Wrap Beach Glass the Easy Way

Beach glass is an obvious choice for beach accessories. You can collect your own at the beach or you can prepare store-bought beach glass before you even leave for your trip. This free tutorial provides a simple way to wrap that beach glass, no matter what size your stone is.

Bracelet Blue Wave Tutorial

Photo via Craftsy member gunadesign

Bracelet Blue Wave

You can make this bracelet in about two hours — perfect for a longer car ride or while sitting on the beach. The rope used in the sample is the same rope you’d use for curtain ties, but you could substitute any type of rope you’d like.

Braidz Braided Bracelet/Anklet  Free Pattern

Photo via Craftsy member Googoocreations

Braidz Braided Bracelet/Anklet

Wade into the water without worry when you’re sporting this bracelet or anklet. I love the sea-inspired hues used in the thread seen here, but you could also use some of your favorite colors. The bracelet is simple to create, so it’s ideal for kids and adults alike.

Silk Wrap Bracelet Pattern

Photo via Craftsy member OdinsBeadHall

Silk Wrap Bracelet

Designer OdinsBeadHall recommends mixing summery colors and pearls for a beach-worthy accessory. Seed beads and any other small beads you have on hand would work well for this bracelet, too. It’s all about customizing! You can even make it wider or more narrow if you’d like.

Eternal Wave Bracelet Pattern

Photo via Craftsy member DV8 macrame

Eternal Wave

The name of this bracelet is clearly a nod to the sea. The knotting for this macrame can be a little confusing at first, but once you learn how to do it, you’ll be addicted. Designer DV8 macrame provides contact info along with the pattern in case you have questions as you’re learning.

Nautilus Shell Earrings Pattern

Photo via Craftsy member Martic

Nautilus Shell Earrings

If you’re a fan of seashells, you’ll really dig this tribute in the form of earrings. After you’ve created the earrings, you can follow the instructions to create pendants and other variations. You might just end up with an entire set of seashell-inspired jewelry.

Little Black Bikini Necklace Pattern

Photo via Craftsy member Trish Morris

Little Black Bikini

Put all your favorite beachy charms in one place with this tutorial. Not sure what to include? Get inspired while on your beach trip and maybe even gather some natural supplies that you can include. You can make the necklace right on the beach!

What kind of jewelry do you wear at the beach?

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