the fence

Project Description

What is exciting or interesting to you about your photo(s)? the way the fence appear to never end

What you will need

  • i used a Nikon D90 iso 200 44 mm F 5.3 at 1\60

Q&A with frenchy45

Rob Sheppard asked:
Fences heading off into the distance can be most interesting visual elements. You definitely have a visual contrast in the gray of the fence compared to the greens. I like the way it strongly heads into the distance because of your angle to the fence. I am not sure why you cut it off at the far end on the right side of the image. You have created this strong set of lines leading to the distance that you are asking the viewer to follow, then you cut them off before they arrive at a final point.
frenchy45 answered:
the original photo was taken in a small park and at the end of the fence were a huge garbage bin attach with a chain to the fence when i crop it i tried to take it out as my eyes were drawn to that bin right away .But now as i think of what you wrote i should have took the picture from the other end so i would not had the bin in my way .Everyday i learn thanks for your help