Standing Out From the Crowd

Project Description

What was your inspiration? I was experimenting with depth of field and what I could capture with the stock lens that came with the camera.

What you will need

  • Canon EOS 60D

Q&A with Clint Milner

heykarianne asked:
Clint Milner answered:
Thank you! Flowers are so easy to shoot because they don't move around very much!
richiew asked:
Clint Milner answered:
Thanks! It's used on the front page of the Craftsy iOS app too! I'm honored :)
Adrian Muh.Lawson asked:
I have great collection of flower images
Clint Milner answered:
I checked them out and they are great! Thanks for looking at mine!
Mark McGlinchey asked:
Love the colour
Clint Milner answered:
Thanks Mark!
Richard Brain asked:
I am finding that photographing flowers in many lights really enjoyable.
Clint Milner answered:
They're such a simple subject to photograph, but the results can be amazing! Thanks for looking!