Simona Photoshoot

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I am proud of the color balance I did after the shoot. I had never done that before. There is one picture that I think could be a little brighter (the one of her laughing) but all in all I think it is a whimsical picture and fun. What advice would you give someone starting this project? For photography part, we did this shoot early morning as the light was beautiful. Scout the park you want to shoot at and BE SURE to drive by the part at the time you plan to shoot to make sure the sprinklers are not on at that time. Also, I used several different lenses to shoot this piece just to see if I could get different looks. For warm up I did random pictures of the model doing fun things (jumping jacks, skipping, making faces) to get her comfortable.

What you will need

  • Since this project is added as part of my class project I used a Nikon D3100 and a 35mm lens. For the Simona Cardigan: Yarn-Fiesta Yarns
  • Boomerang.

Q&A with Marly Bird

scowan4738 asked:
Marly, excellent job on the photography. If you EVER get tired of designing and all the other things you do you can become a professional photographer. Or at least save the cost of hiring one.
Marly Bird answered:
ha, the plan is to be good enough that I can take professional photos myself so I don't have to hire one.
rabecca@aol.com asked:
I love what you've done here. The sweater really does shine in these photos, although the model and setting are lovely also. I just hate when knitting photos don't give me enough information about how the finished garment fits or show key details. Also, this is a really great sweater!
Marly Bird answered:
Thanks! I did take photos of the side seam as well as each side of the front. All are included in the pattern. I too hate when I want more pictures of detail and they are not provided. Thanks for the compliment. I love the sweater too :-)

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