Purple Flowers - Depth of Field

Project Description

What was your inspiration? This was taken during an introductory DSLR class, and I was playing with the depth of field.

What you will need

  • Canon EOS 60D

Q&A with Clint Milner

Rob Sheppard asked:
I think you have a good start here. Limiting depth of field helps us better see the flowers. You can consider shooting with a wider f-stop and more of a telephoto (even if you have to back up) in order to get the background softer and emphasize the subject more. Also think about where you place your subject in the frame. Centered compositions as a rule are much less interesting to viewers than when you get subjects out of the center.
Clint Milner answered:
Thanks for the tips and the great Craftsy class!
Johnny Garcia-Photography asked:
Check to see if a (DCR-250 macro converter) will work for you!
Clint Milner answered:
I actually went out and got a 60mm macro lens to get closer, so I'll have to find some time to really try it out, but thanks for the suggestion!
Katy A. Frost asked:
Very pretty! To be honest, I like all of your photos. :) I need to get some better equipment. Do you like your Canon EOS 60D?
Clint Milner answered:
Thank you! I really like my 60D. It was a decent step up from my 1000D I started out with. I couldn't afford a full-sensor body, so I think this is a pretty good value for money compromise. I use the video a lot and the burst photo function that fires ~6 photos per second is very useful too when shooting fast moving stuff like sports, or my dog.
siobhanmikaela asked:
So pretty!
Clint Milner answered:
Thanks a lot! :)

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