Created by: lorraine.2696017

Project 5

You Can Make This

lorraine.2696017 made Project 5 with:

Shooting Intimate Landscapes

Online Class

Shooting Intimate Landscapes

with Rob Sheppard

  • Working on depth of field and composition.

Q&A with lorraine.2696017

Rob Sheppard asked:
These are some interesting photos and I like the way you are pushing yourself to go beyond the usual. The yellow flowers are quite dramatic from an unusual angle and a good use of limited depth of field and dramatic light. The white flowers have a great foreground to background relationship that gives them a definite feeling of setting. I think you are a little too tight to the top, however. Either show us enough sky that it looks like you meant it or get rid of the sky. Now the sky looks crammed into the top of the image. The waterfall is a nice idea, but you have a big challenge with that background light. Light or tonal contrasts will always dominate an image, even if they are out of focus.
lorraine.2696017 answered:
Thanks for your helpful comments Rob I wasn't sure about the sky so sort of took an each way bet. Not a good idea. The waterfall shot was one I was trying to make work. Lots to learn.