My First Project

Project Description

What is exciting or interesting to you about your photo(s)? They are both small scale landscape shots. The tree reflection just popped out at me whilst walking in the woods. The sky behind the main tree was too bright to include in the photo so I concentrated on the reflection. This shot was handheld. For the water shot I was just trying to pick out a small feature and filling the frame. I used a monopod for this to try and get a longer exposure to slightly blur the water movement.

Q&A with wherry2000

Rob Sheppard asked:
You found some interesting fall/winter scenes. This is a time of year photographers often don't photograph, yet there are opportunities for some great shots. Not knowing how far north you are, I might suggest checking back at this location when conditions bring ice and snow. Those conditions can really work well with a stream. I love the reflection of the tree. You hit that reflection perfectly. You do not need so much of the sky, however. That does not add anything to the image except a distraction. Some of the tree detail above the stream is nice, but when you start showing that sky, you are encouraging the viewer to look up and away from the stream.
wherry2000 answered:
Thanks for the comments. We are at 53 deg north - but winters are generally mild in the UK because of the Atlantic Gulf stream! We have had no snow this winter, and not many freezing nights either - so I may have to put that idea on hold