Project Description

What is exciting or interesting to you about your photo(s)? This image taken in a Suffolk churchyard in a rural setting shows a single flower as the centrepoint surrounded by a criss cross of other grass and plant stems forming a mosaic appearance. This churchyard is maintained as a wild flower conservation area. What are you most proud of? I am pleased that the shot came out as sharp as it did given that I had got a shutter speed too slow for the lens length. The lens had good image stabilisation. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Keep practising with shots of all kinds.

What you will need

  • Canon 60D with Sigma 17 to 70 Zoom lens at 70mm. Settings iso 200 1/30 @ f7.1


Rob Sheppard asked:
I know you are trying to work with the flower as a center point, but for a centered composition to work, it has to have more to it that supports the centering. This is an image that is strongly structured by color. When you put a small flower in the center of all that green, it stands out for the viewer. The viewer sees it and looks around it briefly, then thinks they have seen it all and move on. This is not just a "critique" idea, but is supported by research into how people look at pictures. All of that detail on the left with its tonal contrasts pulls our eye over there and unbalances the photo, too. Crop the left side and some of the bottom and you immediately get a more dynamic, viewer attractive image.
Thanks for this help, I felt it wasn't "right" but could not determine why. Will now crop as suggested.