man made waterscape

Project Description

What are you most proud of? What I'm most proud of is the black and white reminding me of miniature models

What you will need

  • Canon 600d with an efs 18-55mm lens. Used 20 second exposure
  • f/10
  • and iso 800 for the b&w shot and for the color i did f/16
  • iso 1600
  • and 30 second exposure

Q&A with trixibella

Rob Sheppard asked:
You have definitely gotten up close and personal with this little manmade landscape. That connects the viewer right away. The tight composition also helps. A challenge you are facing is that the camera is not cooperating completely with what you saw. This is a common problem we all face. The camera often wants to see the world differently than we do because of its limitations. You saw the falls as a key part of the composition. The camera did not because of its limitations in dealing with light and dark. The camera sees the white rock at the bottom, the bright light at the right, and even the wall at the back as being more important. Light or bright areas will always dominate an image compared to darker areas unless they are used as a background to a silhouette or something like that. This is the kind of scene that needs your help in a program like Lightroom to help refine and define the image to fit what you saw rather than being limited to what the camera wants to emphasize.
trixibella answered:
Thank you so much for your kind words and suggestions. I definitely got the shadows and highlights fixed. When I get a chance I'll upload them.