Jewellery Photos

Q&A with AmethystRose

Caro Sheridan asked:
Nice and crisp photos! Especially the entwined knots bracelet. Gorgeous!
AmethystRose answered:
Thank you Caro! Do you have any tips on what backgrounds I could use? I'd like to make it a bit more interesting than just plain white, but I don't want to take the focus away from the jewellery... What do you think?
jpitzner asked:
Love the Tree of Life pendant.. the drop shadow really gives it some depth and makes it POP off the page! Don't know if that was planned or not, but it works!
AmethystRose answered:
Thank you! It wasn't planned, I just experimented with lots of different angles and lighting positions - but now you mention it, I see what you mean! I'll pay more attention to it from now on :)