It's all in the details...

Project Description

What is exciting or interesting to you about your photo(s)? I love the detail that you can pick up with today's modern cameras!

What you will need

  • Just a EOS Canon 1000D - my first DSLR

Q&A with Clint Milner

mykelde2551 asked:
really enjoyed seeing yr little moth w/ the giant antenna.
Clint Milner answered:
haha - thanks! not quite sure what he/she is, but I liked the antennae too!
jazzerkb asked:
I love this but wish the tip of the fern was in the photo and not cut off. It would be so much more powerful as a photograph. This is not a typical view that photographer shoot but that tip of the fern is very important so make sure you get it into your photo.
Clint Milner answered:
I totally agree! Thanks so much for the advice too :)