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Shooting Intimate Landscapes

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Q&A with macro2009

Rob Sheppard asked:
The web page first displayed only showing the vertical shot with the bridge, which I think is the most successful image of the group. The catkins hanging down are helped by the shallow depth of field, but the strong shadows directly behind them are distracting. That shows something very important -- tonal contrasts such as a dark shadow against bright grass will always dominate a photo, even if out of focus. The bird house is an interesting counterpoint to the bridge shot -- in this case the white clouds in the background make the birdhouse start to merge with the background. Waiting for blue sky would help. The line of trees has some nice light and sky. The shot of the house uses the foreground nicely, but it would be more effective if the building were not centered top to bottom. The tree flowers have a nice color contrast to the sky.
macro2009 answered:
Thanks once again Rob for your constructive comments. What you were not to know is we had a very heavy rain storm with strong winds moments before these images were taken. I took the images with my Canon 16mm -35 mm 2.8L USM lens at 16mm. My wife and I had taken shelter in an outdoor Alpine house for a good few minutes waiting for the rain and cloudy skies to pass through.