Indian Grass

Project Description

What is exciting or interesting to you about your photo(s)? These few bits of grass were taller than the rest around and I liked how the light from behind lit them up.

Q&A with cpoersch3

Rob Sheppard asked:
There is really nice light on the grass seed heads. That gives them great definition. It also helps that you are shooting with less depth of field. This shot could even be more dramatic with less depth of field by using more of a telephoto focal length or a wider aperture. Be careful of the bright sky at the top left. If the grass were lower in the frame, that sky would create and interesting relationship of space with the grass. However, now it is very close to the grass and whenever you get a bright, contrasty area like that. it will fight for attention, and become a distraction.
cpoersch3 answered:
Thanks Rob!