Project Description

What is exciting or interesting to you about your photo(s)? A very overcast & rainy day; the Hummingbird feeder was seeing a lot of action.

What you will need

  • Just learning how to use a DSLR through this course. I had to skip the first assignment due to the overcast day & the rain
  • so I moved to Assignment 2.

Q&A with Kat.

patz in suffolk asked:
I've seen hummingbirds in zoos and know that their little wings flutter very fast. You have done a wonderful job of "freezing" the action so that the wings can be seen. I've been having difficulty in getting my shutter speed fast enough to "freeze" the action of seagulls' wings and you've done this really well! It would be helpful to know what camera and settings you used for this very clever series of pictures.
Kat. answered:
Thanks for your nice comments! I had my exposure set to 1/8000, which is the highest it could go on my camera.