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High Line

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Shooting Intimate Landscapes

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Shooting Intimate Landscapes

with Rob Sheppard

Q&A with Lindamgt

Rob Sheppard asked:
One of the challenges we all face as photographers is that we see subjects very well. The camera doesn't. The camera could care less about subjects. I think you have some interesting subjects here, but the camera is over emphasizing things in the background and not making your subjects as clear as they could be. For the darker flower, for example, you have an out of focus flower right behind your main flower that's a dark blob that is blending with your flower, plus you have this very strong white line across the top of the picture from that out of focus structure in the background. That very strong white line is the strongest part of the picture because it is so bright.
Lindamgt answered:
You're right, no doubt. But I didn't crops the white line (a railing) out in part because I wanted to show that the phot was taken in an urban park, not in a country setting. If I'd found a spot without the 2nd flower in the background, would less depth of field have worked better? (I do realize that's an unanswerable question, but I'd still appreciate your gut reaction.)