Golden Hour in Golden, CO

Project Description

What is exciting or interesting to you about your photo(s)? I loved getting the light just right for this shot of my puppy Milly!

What you will need

  • Canon 60D with the kit lens. Nothing special
  • but I think I was shooting in burst mode and this shot came out exceptionally well.

Q&A with Clint Milner

Steve Lowe asked:
Very well done! Excellent composition using the Golden Mean, hair light highlighting the subject, catchlights in the eyes, and true bokeh in the background! Love it!
Clint Milner answered:
Thanks Steve! Yeah, I'm pretty proud of this one, buy my nifty-50mm did most the work!
Alan M. Thornton asked:
Pretty pup! Great portrait of the little lady..guy..dog! .
Clint Milner answered:
Thanks Alan! And thanks for the great class too!
matt.webb asked:
Looks great!
Clint Milner answered:
Thanks Matt
Christenson Harold asked:
Clint Milner answered:
Thanks for looking :)
RWH asked:
Great portrait
Clint Milner answered:
Thank you!