Early morning landscape

Project Description

What is exciting or interesting to you about your photo(s)? The light fog created an interesting scene with the background gently disappearing.

What you will need

  • I shoot with a mirror less system and have several lenses ranging from 18 to 300 mm (FF equiv). For this picture I used a 90 mm equivalent lens.

Q&A with jmkubler82609271

photopassion asked:
This is beautiful. How does it look in B&W?
jmkubler82609271 answered:
I will post one, it actually looks very interesting too.
AngEngland asked:
Love how the mist obscures the horizon line. Very mysterious.
jmkubler82609271 answered:
Thank you for your comments, it was a beautiful morning.
Rick Sammon asked:
Wish I was there. Great shot.
jmkubler82609271 answered:
Thank you for your feedback.
Susumomma asked:
I love this shot! I find that fog is a difficult element to capture correctly. You did an outstanding job!
jmkubler82609271 answered:
Thank you for your comments. If the conditions are right, it is not that difficult.