Created by: Lskyway

Colorado and Alaska

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Lskyway made Colorado and Alaska with:

Shooting Intimate Landscapes

Online Class

Shooting Intimate Landscapes

with Rob Sheppard

Q&A with Lskyway

Rob Sheppard asked:
The image that has the fence has some very interesting light indeed. I actually quite like your shadow in the foreground as it gives some variation and dimension to the grass. The rainbow is a nice touch and is perfect as a part of the image rather than trying to make it the whole focus of the photo. It works well as an accent rather than trying to make it the star. The other image has some nice color and an interesting foreground to background effect. It does have a couple of challenges. First, the tagging of the top of the frame with the top of the mountain. This tends to be an awkward way to use the edge of a photo -- in this case it flattens out the image by literally attaching the mountain to the photo edge. I think you could also be lower and show the flowers as a more important element of the scene. The light here is challenging and is not defining the image as well as it did in your other shot, so you need to do something else to help the viewer getting lower would help.
Lskyway answered:
Thank you for your comments!