Clam Shell Lighting

Project Description

What is exciting or interesting to you about your photo(s)? Soft characteristics of the light, in keeping with the goal. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Clam shell lighting is a pretty stinkin' simple technique that can provide great results. Don't be afraid to experiment with ratios of direct to reflected light, or the angle of each. Bending the reflector, to bounce light off a concave surface, can add a measure of control for added creativity. Add a hair light, or a splash of light on the backdrop as desired.

What you will need

  • Small (24" square) softbox on a Nikon SB700 speedlight above the subject
  • and the white side of a 5-in-1 reflector below the face. Feathered the light across the head
  • face and hands
  • biasing it toward the reflector which was bounced back up into the face. Rather than the light being directly above
  • and the reflector right below
  • the camera
  • the light favored the short side of the face (subject's right)
  • while the reflector was very slightly to camera right
  • to just slightly fill in the shadow on that side of the face
  • and put some light on the subject's left hand. Camera: not terribly important
  • but was a Nikon D7000
  • only mentioned as it allows wireless triggering of the speedlight (Nikon's CLS approach)
  • which was set to TTL.

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