Carrot Cake Cupcake

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I made these for the Cupcake competition for the Denver County Fair this weekend. I am proud of them because they turned out so nice, and they're both vegan and gluten free! Fingers crossed to see if I win!

Q&A with The.Pastry.Chef

Cara Michelle asked:
The.Pastry.Chef answered:
Thank you, Miss Cara! I saw your criossants this morning. They look amzing :)
BeckyinVT asked:
I want to eat one RIGHT NOW! Seriously, food is hard to photograph, this is really good!
The.Pastry.Chef answered:
Thank you so much!
Omitade asked:
The photograph catches the glistening of the ingredients making it look very real and almost within hands reach (I wish). I like how there is not any distraction from the cupcake itself. Nicely done.
The.Pastry.Chef answered:
Thank you!
Miss Liza asked:
I can taste the cupcake, thats how good I think this photo is. Well done!
The.Pastry.Chef answered:
Thanks so much! My boyfriend seemed to like them.
Dyanek2000 asked:
Good luck! The photo makes it look great!
The.Pastry.Chef answered:
Thanks. I didn't end up winning but it was fun!

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