Carolina Splendor

Project Description

What is exciting or interesting to you about your photo(s)? The Carolinas offer a wide range of natural beauty. From the mountains to the coastline, there are many opportunities to capture stunning images. Much of my work reflects the unique characteristics of South Carolina coastal living. What are you most proud of? Not sure pride is a component for me here but, if pressed, I'd say I do pretty well finding the right composition. Shooting outdoors offers a big canvas. Somewhere in all of that you have to "frame it up." I also enjoy the processing side as well. I don't really want to manufacture my own images by structurally changing them. I do like to get the most bang out them without going over the top.

What you will need

  • My equipment includes either a Canon 5d MIII
  • or a Canon 50d. I typically shoot with an EF 24-70mm or an EF 16-35mm. I also use a circular polarizing filter by B+W and will sometimes use a B+W ND filter for longer exposures. I almost always shoot from my tripod
  • which is a Manfrotto 190CX3 and a Manfrotto 322RC2 grip action ball head. In the "darkroom" I use Adobe CC
  • which is essentially PS and LR. I often will apply additional processing via Photomatix Pro and the Nik Collection. Love those programs!

Q&A with Walt Baker

Walt Baker asked:
Very much enjoyed this class. I'm hoping to get some professional feedback from Rick. These are just a few of my recent favorites. I hope folks like them.
Walt Baker answered:
Thank you Uncle Eye! Many of my photos are HDR. Of the 6 that I've posted here, 4 of them are HDR. Thanks for your feedback.
Eva-Tarina asked:
Beautiful photos!!!
Walt Baker answered:
Thanks very much Eva!
Rick Sammon asked:
Hey! Very cool B&W. Try experimenting with different color digital filters.
Walt Baker answered:
Thanks for the feedback Rick!