Backlit Photo

Project Description

What was your inspiration? Neil's photo of his model in front of the window with the garden in the background. My options here at my home as far as windows and window light are very limited. I realize that my choice of background for this portrait is not very pleasing, I would of preferred a better option. I'm happy with the balance of ambient and flash exposures.

What you will need

  • D800
  • 24-120mm f4
  • SB-900 Camera set to manual mode 1/250 - f10 - ISO 400 SB-900 set to TTL

Q&A with Rich

Neil van Niekerk asked:
This is as good as bounce flash gets! Well done. Even light on her, as well as nice catch-lights in the eyes.
Rich answered:
Thanks for your feedback, I'm looking forward to viewing more of your lessons and applying your flash techniques. Your lessons are very well done and very inspiring!