Autumn at the dam (1)

Project Description

What is exciting or interesting to you about your photo(s)? A friend & I went to a dam near us in central PA to take pics of the fall foliage. I saw this tree & was intrigued by it so I snapped a few shots. I just loved the way the tree formed a frame around the background.

What you will need

  • Just learning & still shooting in auto most of the time.

Q&A with Lynn Thorson

Rob Sheppard asked:
This is a really interesting idea. I love the use of selective focus to show off your subject against a soft background. A challenge you are having to this shot, however, is the way the tree branches frame up the background. Because of the way you have put the tree trunk right up against the right side, because it is dark and because the lower branch circles a distinctive landscape, the tree looks like it should be a frame. But it is not a frame to the landscape behind. This makes the foreground and background fight for attention and makes the composition less clear for a viewer. Ask yourself, What is my photo about? Then focus in on what is important to show that.
Lynn Thorson answered:
Initially I took the photo because I liked the tree & didn't want it dead center. After I was home I realized it looked more like a frame. Should I edit and or crop it so the tree is more of the focus of the photo?
Jennifer Tucker asked:
I love this photo but reading Robert's comment I see how it might have been better to have the whole tree... I would have done what you did (have many times) but I want to try his point. Still nice shot.
Lynn Thorson answered:
Thank you.