Assorted Intimate Landscapes

Project Description

What is exciting or interesting to you about your photo(s)? Various flowers and plants in their natural habitat.

What you will need

  • All photos were taken with a Canon SX700 HS
  • a P&S camera with a fixed zoom lens.

Q&A with teach-Jim

Rob Sheppard asked:
I think you have captured some beautiful moments here in nature. I love that you shot these all with a point-and-shoot camera -- that so much shows that it is not the camera that takes great shots. You have done a nice job of getting down and close to your subjects and really shown them off in your compositions. One thing to watch is what is happening along the edges of your background. This is especially evident with the photo of the pickerlweed (purplish flowers by water). The flowers overlap into the reflection of the trees at the top of the frame. That creates an uncomfortable compositional overlap that visually connects the background and foreground in a way that should not be connected.
teach-Jim answered:
Thanks, Rob. I'm getting better at watching my edges for distracting elements, but this is something I wasn't aware of and you're right; a little higher angle may have given the flower more separation from the reflection. And thanks for identifying them for me.