8th Grade Basketball Championship

Project Description

What is exciting or interesting to you about your photo(s)? That I actually got a few okay shots. I have never photographed ANY sport before last night. (Boy, has my respect for sports photographers gone up to a very high level. Down with bent knees or kneeing on one sucks when you're old like me, especially for over an hour or so with heavy equipment. Reminder to self, buy gel knee pads if I do this again!) I watched the video during the day yesterday for some tips before starting my journey. And a journey it was... I hate sports and know next to nothing about any of it. I have four children from 35 to 14 years old, so I have been forced to view it many times, football, girl's rugby, baseball, soccer, etc., but that means I do not understand the game at all. (I have two boys oldest and youngest, then two girls in between.) What are you most proud of? My son's team won! I am going to use the best 15 shots or so out of almost 400 that mix it up some to tell the story of the night and order 14 page books for each player from Miller's or AdoramaPix's as a memory for them even if they aren't great pictures. They will document the time for them for life. Especially for my son, that ball on the rim was his own personal Official NBA Indoor Ball being used for the game. He brought it home with him. What advice would you give someone starting this project? If I could get some okay shots with a crash course others can too.... One thing to remember is shots of the ball on the floor stink, I got a ton of them. Try to get it in hand or in the air looks much better. If I ever have to do this again I will take my A77 and mount the 24-70 or the 16-35 on that around my neck. I have a rapid shoulder strap for the A99 or I will use a monopod on the A99. Two camera bodies would have worked better, I missed a lot of good shots because there is no time to swap out lenses...

What you will need

  • A Sony A99 with grip
  • Sony 70-200mm 2.8 G and a 24-70mm 2.8 CZ. I used a white balance card (gray side) to set camera and photographed that before the game to use to adjust WB. I also assigned the shutter to fire only and moved focus to back focus on the AF/MF button. That really helped to keep tracking focus at the ready. I also told the story with mixed in shots as suggested in the video. I shot action in shutter priority at 1000
  • wide open. The ISO's ranged about 6400 using Auto ISO. I shot each photo in RAW & jpeg. I also used rapid fire bursts to the camera's max. output (meaning the red light stops you for shooting any more until it finishes loading all the data. Use Pro cards with HIGH transfer rates).

Q&A with Vipper

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