#LongExp (Stars, Steelwool, & More)

Project Description

What is exciting or interesting to you about your photo(s)? These are some #LongExp (osure) shots that I did using my Canon EOS 1000D. The 2 overlooking the water were taken at Canary Wharf in London, UK. One is the +0 Exposure shot, and one is the HDR composite created by -2, 0, +2 EV bracketed photos. There is a long exposure shot of some star trails through the trees, as well as a 30 second exposure of me doing some Steelwool photography.

What you will need

  • Canon EOS 1000D Tripod EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM --- Canary Wharf photos were 13 second exposures
  • the stars is a 200 second exposure
  • and the steelwool circle is a 30 second exposure.

Q&A with Clint Milner

rdalemc4385984 asked:
I like the first HDR composite better, it looks more like night... with the darker sky... if that makes any sense.... they BOTH look great, just a personal preference. :)
Clint Milner answered:
Yeah, that's my preference too actually. That was a second attempt with the original bracketed photos once I learned a little bit more about HDR and what style I liked best. Thanks for looking!
Rhonnie Banner asked:
Love your use of lighting Clint! Now I have to find my shutter setting on my camera! lol
Clint Milner answered:
Glad I could inspire! Hope to see some shots from you sometime soon too! Thanks :)
jude.673699267 asked:
Love your work :)
Clint Milner answered:
Very kind! Thank you, and thanks for looking :)
luckyyear4657426 asked:
Awesome photos
Clint Milner answered:
Thank you very much! :)
luckyyear4657426 asked:
What settings would you use on your canon camera for portraits ?.... I have a Canon 450 d slr.
Clint Milner answered:
When I do portraits, I don't have specific settings. I tend to use my 50mm f1.4 prime lens, and if I can ISO160, but settings change depending on light, etc. I always shoot in RAW format though for post-processing. Hope that helps!