Photography for Beginners

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Beginner Photo Classes

Learn essential skills to shoot the photos you want with instruction from world-class experts in online photography classes for beginners.

Play With Depth of Field by Rick Allred
Playing with the light by jabroyles
stormy day by cwrose1945706741

Basics of Digital Photography

Rick Allred


Start taking better photos today with essential DSLR techniques!

Carrot Cake Cupcake by The.Pastry.Chef
Depth of Field by Pattybearski
Chocolate Kiss Hat by MadeleineandCo

Shoot It!

Caro Sheridan


Shoot It!

Caro Sheridan

Need help selling your sweater pattern or any other handmade good online? Caro Sheridan will show you how to compose on-figure fashion photos and capture beautiful product shots.

Beginner Photography Resources

Find out how to take stunning photos with free downloadable photography resources for beginners.

The Rule of Thirds: The Secret to Compelling Compositions

Most people agree that an image divided into thirds is most pleasing to the eye and elements that fall on the edge of each third just look ?right.? Follow this helpful rule of thirds guideline to balance a photo and make it look pleasing to most of the people who see it.

Better Photos Fast: Quick Guide to Depth of Field

Learn how to adjust depth of field and aperture to improve your photography quickly and easily with this FREE guide. Includes suggested camera settings and visual examples.

Get the Most Out of Your Camera With the Diopter Adjustment

The diopter is an often overlooked component on a DSLR, however, it is very important to have it adjusted correctly to get the most out of your camera. For some people (who are aware of the diopter), this will be the most basic of posts. For others, this will be a moment of revelation and will save a lot of literal and figurative headaches.

Photographs from Beginners

light from behind :)

by Eman Shelbaia B


by barbarawinzberg


by Kat.