The Wedding

Project Description

What are you most proud of? It makes me very proud of what I do when people that have a snowflake of mine and call me back years later and want me to make another one for them. What advice would you give someone starting this project? I think one of the most important steps in making a snowflake is folding the paper. It has to sharp, crisp and even.

What you will need

  • paper
  • pencil
  • and scissors

Q&A with Donna Gail

Chere asked:
A nice idea for a winter wedding invitation!! I always admire people who are a whiz with scissors and/or other cutting implements! :)
Donna Gail answered:
Thank you for the comment ! I did a wedding last year and the invitation was beautiful ! They also used the snowflake for the thank you notes.
rrw asked:
Wow! That is really beautiful!
Donna Gail answered:
Thanks for the nice comment rrw .
joyfulmaker asked:
I''ve made paper snowflakes before but nothing so intricate or beautiful. This inspires me to try again and to use them on my cards.
Donna Gail answered:
Oh that would be so cool !! I draw my design on the folded paper before I cut.
paperdram32026 asked:
Beautifully done! Inspiring. Thank you for sharing!
Donna Gail answered:
Thanks paperdram, I'm glad you like it!
ynnigllib43015 asked:
can't figure out how to download the pattern. I ave a wedding to go in one month thanks for any help
Donna Gail answered:
copy the snowflakes and cut thru half the groom and half the bride (from top to center) --- that is your pattern !