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8 photo frame sizes paper / washable no sew fabric


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8 photo frame sizes paper / washable no sew fabric pattern download for paper card stock OR washable, NO sew, fabric easel photo picture frames for 8 photo sizes, alternative to photo cards These frames are also great for displaying photos, cards, art, or use as an alternative to a card or invite, use them as table number display frames, sign frames, favors, place card holders, ornaments, gift tags, hole punch the inside panel to display jewelry or memos like a memo board. Use them as costume jewelry lapel pins or buttons, as badges, name tag holders, menu display, brooch pin frames, the possibilities are endless! 2 of frame sizes are convertible to frame brooch pins & hanging ornaments. Holes are provided for the ribbon to thread through on the top on the easel back, as well as 2 holes to hold the metal pin back mechanism, 35mm or 1 1/4" long size in a pack, both ends held in place. The metal brooch pin back is removable, as well as the bendable strut leg, attached with Velcro / hook & loop at the top between the top part of the strut leg and easel back, and on the bottom right of the easel back and folded in twice ribbon tail end that extends out from the strut leg, tucked inside its layers. Photo and text, step by step instructions included, plus Ultrahold printable and removable easel back & strut leg board patterns inside the download. 79 pages, 56 pages are printable patterns, 6 are board patterns. There is a table of contents provided, to show you which pattern panel is where, and exact quantity per frame supply list is included. Links to buy supplies are also in the download. Here are washable, NO SEWING REQUIRED, fabric OR paper photo frames, for photo sizes: 1 1/2" x 2 1/2" kid school photos, 3/4" frame surround, 1 1/4" x 2" picture window 2x3" instant print photos from the new cameras on the market by Instax Mini or Polaroid Snap, or the smartphone portable photo printer devices by Prynt, Polaroid Zip, or HP Sprocket, 3/4" frame surround, 1 1/2" x 2 1/2" picture window, 3x4" oa 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" wallet size, 4 1/2" x 5 1/2" oa, , 3/4" frame surround, 2x3" picture window 4x6" photo - smaller frame 5x7" oa, 1" frame surround, 3x5" picture window 4x6" photo - 7x9" oa, 2" frame surround, 3x5" picture window 5x7" photo - smaller frame 6 3/4" x 8 3/4" oa, 1" frame surround, 4 3/4" x 6 3/4" picture window 5x7" photo - 8x10" oa size, 1 3/4" frame surround, 4 1/2" x 6 1/2" picture window 8x10" photo - 10x12" oa, 1 1/4" frame surround, 7 1/2" x9 1/2" picture window Washable, NO SEW, fabric photo frames, which patterns can also be made for paper card stock, for paper photo frames. For no sew, washable, fabric photo frame, you can print the patterns onto Ultrahold, an acid free (great for photos), paper back, iron on, fabric adhesive fusible web interfacing, that gets ironed to the back of the fabric panels, and you print the patterns using your inkjet printer. All of the seam allowance flaps, guidelines, lines to cut away excess fabric and Ultrahold once ironed together, circles to hole punch or poke & cut out with craft, sharp, pointy, embroidery like scissors, and box areas to place Velcro / hook & loop with hot glue. The Ultrahold is made by Therm o Web HeatnBond, sold at Hobbycraft,, BarnYarns, Walmart,, & AC Moore, and you'll need the 5 yard or 4.6 meter roll or get that amount by the yard or meter. You can cut the rolls into A4 or 8 1/2" x 11" sheets, up to 32 A4 or 8 1/2" x 11"sheets. If you decide to do one frame size at a time, a frame for an 8x10" photo requires 1/2 roll or 2 1/2 meters or 16 A4 or 8 1/2" x 11" sheets, and the two smallest frame sizes need 1/4 yard or 1/4 meter or 1 A4 or 8 1/2" x 11" sheet each. To do all 7 frames, you will need two 5 yard or 4.6 meters rolls. Printing the Ultrahold patterns makes it so much easier than transferring the pattern lines and markings by hand. I have youtube video tutorial at for showing you how to print Ultrahold using an inkjet printer. For both paper and fabric photo frames, you'll just need card stock or washable, fabric, 2 lengths of ribbon, a hole puncher or pointy embroidery like scissors, fabric or paper scissors, and hot glue & low temp glue gun. For paper frames, you can laminate the sheet or panels, iron on Therm o Web iron on clear vinyl, decoupage the panels then assemble, or spray a finishing clear coat to keep the ink from smearing. You can also try paper card stock or scrapbook paper first, even wallpaper, then work your way up to using fabric. SUPPLIES: fabric 1/4 yard or meter up to 2 yards paper 1 to 6 sheets, use larger sheets for the frame for the 8x10" photo which is 10x12", maybe try collage scrap pieces up to two 1 1/4" or 35mm long metal brooch pin back Velcro / hook & loop 6-9" long 3/4" wide, 2 strips for both of the smallest frame pin ornaments cardboard or mat board 1/16" thick, 32x40" or 20x30", or 24x36", patterns provided in download, for removable easel back and strut leg boards, that slide out of their pockets on the back of the frame, use especially for the 4 largest frames, as the 4 smallest don't need the removable easel back & strut leg boards, but patterns are included in case you feel that you need them. Gravity and physics allow for the Ultrahold and fabric panels combined to hold the frame up while standing, strut leg pitched out, I guess because they are smaller, but the larger four frames require the boards for the frames to stand. I've tested these puppies, and experimented so much, with different size strut legs, and design, so this info will do the trick. Patterns provided for boards, Clear, acid free, sheet protector pages, cut to the size of the photo. You can find them in packs of 50 sheets, at Walmart, Walgreens, Target, or your local office supply, or even drug stores, just make sure that the package is labeled "acid free". One page will yield up to 12 1 1/2" x 2 1/2" photo sleeves, 10 sleeves for a 2x3" photo, and so on. Use a paper trimmer, and the fold and heat pressed edges for the bottom of the pocket, where the photo will rest between the two sided sleeve. 2 columns, 5 to 6 rows per sheet page. two lengths of ribbon: one length 1/8" or 3mm wide by 2 feet or 2/3 meter long for the smallest 2 frames, and 7 feet or 2 1/3 meters long for the largest frame for the 8x10" photo - this ribbon connects panels 2 and 3, to make the photo pocket, thread through those panels' circle holes that you will hole punch or cut out the other length 9" long or 23cm long by 3/8" or 9mm up to 1 1/2" or 3cm wide - that ribbon is between the layers of strut leg at the bottom right corner, glued in place inside at one end of the ribbon, the other ribbon tail end is either tucked inside a space that you'll leave open on the bottom to the right between the fm (frame middle) and easel back panels, or you will fold the ribbon in twice, glued for both folds, then glue the hook part of Velcro or hook & loop to the side that will attach to the easel back, for the frame pin ornaments, or two smallest sizes, so that the bendable strut leg is removable, with Velcro or hook & loop attaching the top part of the strut leg to the easel back, loop or soft side of Velcro loop attached on the easel back, and harsh or hook part of Velcro on the strut leg and ribbon tail on the bottom right The key to having a pocket for the photo and be a removable photo and sleeve, and be a washable photo frame, is the photo pocket inside the frame. On panels 2 and 3, the 2nd inside frame front border and frame middle top panel, have 7 holes in a U line, that 1/8" or 3mm wide ribbon is thread through these holes to connect the panels and make the photo pocket. For the 4 largest, washable, fabric photo frames, you will need the mat board or cardboard removable boards and you will need all 10 Ultrahold printable patterns. For the paper frames, you only need 6 out of the 10 panel patterns, but because they are for printing onto Ultrahold, which is ironed onto the back of the fabric panels, just remember to print those 6 out of 10 in mirror or flipped horizontally / 180 degrees, for those pages, those panels individually print each page, in printer properties. For example, print from page 19 to page 19, for the frame for the 2x3" photo, for example, or whatever panel you want printed, for that specific pattern panel. There are 10 panel patterns per frame, however for the paper frames, you only need the top FFB, 2nd inside FFB that connects to FM top, and the easel back pattern facing out (you'll need to reverse or mirror this panel pattern in printer properties, so that the holes are centered on the top and to the left for hanging. Just remember on both the washable, no sew, fabric, and the paper frames, that the strut leg 90 degree angled bottom is always to the bottom right corner aligned with the bottom right corner of the easel back fabric & Ultrahold panel or board. You can use the pattern panel print outs and try covering mat board or cardboard parts. The strut leg is 2 parts and bendable, because there is a spacer cut out from the strut leg Ultrahold patterns, where the fabric will touch each other, with no Ultrahold where that spacer is. The strut leg will have Ultrahold ironed to the back of both panels, and you can iron it onto paper, card stock, leather, wood, with the pattern printed on the paper backing with your inkjet printer, and is fabric adhesive, fabric & Ultrahold fused on both sides with the iron, but the space with Ultrahold spacer cut away and removed, will allow for the fabric on both sides to bend in that area. The Ultrahold acts like a stabilizer, it allows for the panel to keep rigid and sturdy, straight, edges crisp and sharp, yet it is still flexible. It allows for the frame to stand on a table or shelf, with the ribbons where they are placed, but the larger frames need a little, extra help to help the frame stand with strut leg pitched out, so that's why they need the removable boards that slide out of their pockets. I know that it may seems long, but I give you everything you need to do these frames, and I have videos on youtube for how I make my washable, no sew, fabric photo frames, so you can gauge and visualize their design more at THANK YOU SO MUCH! Kristie Hubler, card & calendar artist and designer, plus inventor / crafter / small business owner Washable, no sew, fabric or paper photo frame structures, designs, patterns, and download are copyright protected by Kristie Hubler. All Rights Reserved. For personal use only. Not for resale.

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I am Kristie Hubler, artist, product designer, pattern maker, inventor, & owner of And my pattern download printables sell HERE on Craftsy / Bluprint at for $1 to $5 download printables - very affordable crafts! My how to / tutorial, with photo & text, step by step instructions, for making WASHABLE (and non washable), sewn or no sew, fabric and paper card stock or vinyl: picture frames for 8 photo sizes fashion jewelry brooch pins / buttons / badges / frame pins ornaments plus house shape kitchen potholder / hot pad / oven mitts Yorkshire terrier / Yorkie & pug male dog diaper wrap belly bands The photo & text, step by step tutorials are always available to follow on & The video tutorials are always available on I am also an author, of the how to plus pattern book, "Fabricated Frames: Instructions On Making Fabric Photo Frames" available on and You can find my sewing and no sew, fabric, & paper craft pattern download printables here on Craftsy at from $1 to $10. Every week on Friday, I will offer a FREE pattern download printable for 24 hours. After that, the pattern goes back on sale for purchase. I announce my freebie Friday free pattern of the day on Twitter at and also on and also on my fan page on Facebook at a fan page for Craftsy pattern download promotions. Fabricated Frames washable fabric picture frame sewing pattern and tutorial was featured in Sew It Today magazine, issue 11, August / September 2014 issue, out on newsstands, titled "Framed", featuring Fabric Editions / Fabric Loft "Trapeze" collection, chevron and large medallion. Their fabric, is available in Target. I am the owner of with products, sewing & craft pattern download printables for washable, sewn, fabric picture frames, holiday / Christmas tree ornaments, costume jewelry fashion brooch pins, kitchen oven gloves and house shaped kitchen pot holders, plus Yorkshire Terrier and pug jackets and bellybands. Many pieces of art that you see, that you can print onto June Tailor brand, or Printed Treasures Dritz Prym band, washable, colorfast inkjet printer fabric sheets, found at JoAnn Fabrics or, that art has also sold on bedding, rugs, ornaments, stockings, non fabric picture frames, wine stoppers, shower curtains, curtains, diaper bags, 70" round tablecloths, runners, scarves, jewelry, cases, bags, sleeves, pot holders that I don't make, neckties and tie clips at As well, the art has also sells on kitchen towels, ornaments, ribbon, plates, fabric, cut and sew fabric crafts, binders, pacifiers, lampshades with bases, postage at You can also buy custom fabric with my art in repeat and/or scattered pattern OR cut and sew crafts at - my Queen of Hearts crown tiara scattered repeat pattern at is a favorite! Also, my fabric is available at at for repeat patterns or cut & sew crafts like photo frames, brooch pin jewelry, house shape kitchen pot holders, oven mitts, and ornaments! Lastly, I am now venturing into paper crafts, making cards and calendars, and the printable downloads for my cards are here on Craftsy, to make yourself! Try my brooch cards, several card downloads, with a pattern to print onto inkjet printer fabric to make TWO Eiffel Tower pointillism, fabric fashion jewelry brooch pins, which can also embellish a gift, or home decor, shoes, etc. THANK YOU!