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Try DIY Gold Foil Printing at Home: FREE Tutorial + Template

The gold foil trend is spreading like wildfire. I’ve seen it everywhere from clothing to home decor to paper crafts. Today I’m excited to show you how to gold foil with a fun card making tutorial. The best part about DIY gold foil printing is it can be done in minutes at home, and will cost you a fraction of what you would spend using professional printers.

Gold Foil Printed "Love" Card

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DIY gold foil printing tutorial

materials for diy gold foil printing

Supplies you’ll need:


How to Gold Foil Tutorial

Step 1:

Place laser print with design face up. Cut a piece of laminating foil to cover the entire printed area.

Gold Foil Covering a Card Template

Step 2:

Place gold foil on the printed design with the gold side up.

DIY gold foil printing

Step 3:

Keep the foil in position and place it in between a sheet of text weight paper folded in half. Card stock is too thick and won’t allow the gold foil to get hot enough to adhere to the printed design.

laminating machine

Step 4: 

Send the paper through the laminator, folded end first. 

If using an iron, place on a hard surface and press down firmly on the paper for about 30 seconds. Make sure to iron over the entire area of the printed design inside the paper. You may have to test out different times with your iron. Be sure to protect the hard surface you are ironing on with a thin cloth, while still keeping the surface firm.

Making a Gold Foil Valentine Card amy robison gold foil 8

Step 5:

Now’s the fun part! Peel off the gold foil to reveal your design.

Gold Foil "Love" Card

That’s it! Easy right? The prints are available as black and white, or color. The image above used a gold printed heart, then I applied gold foil to make it shine. This technique isn’t perfect, so using the gold print does help hide any imperfections better than the black print does.

DIY gold foil prints

You might also enjoy this handmade Valentine card tutorial.

FREE Guide: Innovative Ideas for Creative Paper Crafts

Creative Paper Crafts

Try these four trendy techniques for stunning projects that shine.Download your FREE guide »



lovely idea. thanks for sharing!


Hi there, I bought “art emboss gold foil” at my local art shop and am trying it to no avail. My laminator’s highest setting is 5mil. Is the foil the problem or my laminator?


when you use the foil and lamination technique do you have to print image and use the technique right away of can I pre print image a day ahead?


I just recently purchased the supplies to do this. I do not have a laser printer, so I went to office depot and had my prints printed.

I came home and tried it…. everything looked lovely, but then the foils started to flake and rub off. Do you have any suggestions on what could be causing this or how I could fix it?

I’d really appreciate any kind of response.

Thanks in advance.


when I peeled the foil paper it didn’t stick on the ink much at all. Is this because the laminator is not hot enough?


you need Toner printerr not that ink printer

Avrinder singh

how to print on gold foil with laser printer some body help me


just print at paper and stick gold foil right up than use hot laminator

Ariana Gurrola

Hi so I’ve started a few different techniques but the laser/laminator method seems to be the easiest. But one question, must the paper that the foil laminates on always be regular printer laser paper? Or could I use card stock or vellum?


You can use card stock as long as it’s SMOOTH! The more porous and rough the paper, the more black spots you will see in your finished product. I use Hammermill 80lb color copy paper from Amazon and get a near mirror finish every time. Also your laser printer will work best at 10mil or 300 F. Mine only goes up to 5mil and still works pretty well with my smoother papers.


Anyone can help me? When I run the paper through the laminator, there are many tiny dots of gold foil that sticks on my paper on the non printed area. Is it my laminator heat setting is wrong or the gold foil is of bad quality.


I have the same problem regardless of paper type, pressure and toner coverage. I think there problem is with the foil compatibility. At lower temperature there are no foil dust over non printed area but then the toner isn’t melting enough for good printed area coverage.


I’ve been using the First Edition Foiling machine with the First Edition Foil – and the designs keep coming out speckled 🙁 card is smooth and I’m using the laser ink – literally at the end of my tether – wish it would work


have you discovered a solution yet? i’m having the same, ongoing troubles!!


what kind of laminator do you have?


Hi, how hot should d iron be to transfer foil to the paper? I don’t have a laminator…

sophie snell

Hi i recently brought a laminator and a laser printer did the design it came out fine foil took! However it also left the foil outline too! So the picture with the foil and then the size of the foil outline so a box i guess hownfo i get the foil to literally just go on my print! Thanks


Brilliant idea this can also be used for crafts and home decor

Bailey Schaff

hi there, i have been trying this and keep getting foil traces all over my card. the card is smooth, and i have tried several different papers. any solutions? please? could some foils be better than others?

Thomas Rankin

I have been playing around with leather and making custom leather bags for myself and a few friends. I’m wanting to “brand stamp” my bags with my name in a similar way as other brands do. Example: Hermes, Michael Kors, Celine. They are all stamped with either gold or silver and it just elegantly says the brand name. I realize these brands have very expensive hot stamping machines to mass produce these brand stamps on their bags. I’m wondering if there is a diy or at home way to do this to my homemade leather bags. Thanks!!


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