Project Description

What type of piece is this? Painting Share a little about the materials, processes and techniques used to create this piece. I was working on composition, as Mary suggested. This is an 's' style. I'm having trouble with the background. It's just messy. grr. Suggestions are welcomed. What are you most proud of? I like the tulips.

What you will need

  • Watercolor

Q&A with Jessica Bartlett

Mary P. Murphy asked:
Jessica -- this is lovely; you've achieved brilliant color, and I can see where you've used wet-in-wet to get the delicate shading in the petals. Good that you're trying on composition, and I think what would bring this together is to soften or create some very faint activity in the whitish spot in the top center. It's tending to draw the eye, and I don't think you want that. Also try very gently glazing the tulips with cooler colors to make them recede a bit -- get cooler as you go back -- along with making the size of the tulips smaller. Decide where you want the focus to be, and make that spot the highest contrast -- in cool/warm, dark/light, etc. Nice job!!
Jessica Bartlett answered:
Thank you! I will try this.
NancyLynne asked:
Lovely tulips, fun and happy! Nice to see on these dreary winter days! I like how you made the tulips more defined towards the foreground.
Jessica Bartlett answered:
Thank you!
lmfr asked:
Hi Jessica: I like your tulips! You have achieved depth in your picture, which is not easy. I like the background as well, especially the purple. Perhaps the tulips in the back should be less bright than the ones in the foreground. By the way the tip on my portrait about sofening the lower lip was excellent. It made a big difference. Thanks.
Jessica Bartlett answered:
Hey! Thanks for taking to time to help! I will try to rework this one and dull the tulips in the distance. Maybe I'll just start over and lay the shadows first. Thanks so much!
Gloria Polakof asked:
Colorful which makes me smile. I've just started taking this class and excited to learn watercolor.
Jessica Bartlett answered:
Ha! Thank you! It is a fun class.
Mystic Moon asked:
So beautiful! I like your work. I love how bold & brilliant your colors are!! I'm a newbie both to this site & on watercolors. I can't wait to start. :)
Jessica Bartlett answered:
Thank you! It's a great class.