Project Description

What type of piece is this? Painting

What you will need

  • Acrylic Paint

Q&A with D Cooper

jillych asked:
Nice work on the red tones and highlights D. They have a good round fullness to them. Makes me want to make Gazpacho! (sp?)
D Cooper answered:
Too fun! Yes, let's make a meal of them! Thank you for your kind words.
mceciob2428021 asked:
need variety. shapes are too identical. seems to be one large mass. Use fewer objects and vary positions.
D Cooper answered:
I appreciate your feedback. Thanks for taking the time to comment.
Diane Contini asked:
I love that it is all tomatoes...clever, colorful, and I could eat it!
D Cooper answered:
Thank you Diane! A BLT - yum!