Rachel's baby

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Share a little about the materials, processes and techniques used to create this piece. Mario, I attempted to follow your process while creating this image with the exception of the background color. I paid close attention to the drafting of the image as I wanted a strong foundation. I then applied the monochromatic glaze on the figures but not the background. I may have made my biggest mistake there but I was uncertain of what I wanted to do. I did not want a background of images and things, perhaps sky and I still have an opportunity to do that as the image is not completed. .I used the colors from my pallet that have worked for me because I do not have opera red, but intend to get it soon. I liked the bronze color of Rachel because she has darker skin that the baby (did I say this was taken from a photo and I will try to add it to the project page) .In the end (almost) I struggled with the hair and I was concerned about the baby's hair, so sparse but, I am now liking the end results. Is the piece for sale? No What are you most proud of? I am elated that I have been following Mario's teaching and my work has turned for the better.

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Q&A with Calvathea3860134

chelseayu4275279 asked:
Calvathea3860134 answered:
Thanks Chelsea
innerwave asked:
and again ... Great, how you put everything of Mario's course into action. Big expression of motherly feelings. So cute.
Calvathea3860134 answered:
Thank you
HomekeepingGran asked:
Wow, just wow. I'm not taking this class... yet. This "student" painting is a fabulous advertisement for it, though. Congratulations on a stunning portrait of Mother Love.
Calvathea3860134 answered:
Thank you HG