Japanese Peony with color

Project Description

Share a little about the materials, processes and techniques used to create this piece. The flower is too close in value to the background, but if I go darker, I'm afraid I will loose the buds, which are actually my favorite part in this. The central part of the flower -- orange and green -- doesn't feel related to the rest of it, and whereas in the value study that center at least seemed physically attached, here it seems to be on a different plane or backwards. The flower also looks (and is) overworked. (And I never could figure out from the photo what is happening with the back petals, so in frustration I finally just eliminated part.) And Mary thank you for your previous suggestions for how to avoid glaring splotches; I wet the background first and used a lovely large flat wash brush. That went reasonably well until the purple began to flood in from the gummed edge left from the prior value study and I tried to "fix" it. Is the piece for sale? No

What you will need

  • Watercolor

Q&A with virtual.gretchen

katyasorok asked:
you wrote so much criticism about your beautiful painting that I started looking for things you are talking about. ) I did not see any of the things you mentioned being of any concern)) I personally love how stems are close in value to background. I think it wraps air around. My only suggestion is to change the green middle inside the flower, maybe glaze with yellow. I am saying it because that green is too close to greens of stems and therefore it connects with them visually making the flower itself secondary. and also a touch of yellow can bring more of purple out and it might help to unite the flower. I would do sort yellow. In oil paint it would be close to Naples yellow .
virtual.gretchen answered:
Thank you. I did do some retouching of this earlier based on Mary's suggestions that helped some things, but not enough (it's a separate post here somewhere). I don't think after all the scrapping I did that I could get away with a glaze on this, but I might try just cut and paste of Naples yellow to see what that does. would yellow bring out purple because it is opposite on the color wheel? That also makes total sense that the similarity of the greens decreases the flower's sense of importance. I do try to look at what I'm doing critically so that by pushing myself to articulate what doesn't seem to be working I can learn more. Unlike sculpture, which I spent the first half of my life doing, I'm still so new to this that I'm often not at all sure why something isn't working or how I might go about improving it.
circumpor3537951 asked:
This is beautiful!
virtual.gretchen answered:
Thank you Circumpor! It's so easy for me to see what is wrong with it and not see what is likable.